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About Xtreme Lashes

  • No more clumpy mascara 

  • Lashes are waterproof: swim, shower, or workout

  • You can be assured you will look your best 24 hours a day 

  • You will have the lashes we all wish we had been born with

  • Eyelash extensions are your answer for longer, thicker eyelashes which even the best lash growth serums cannot create for you

  • Developed to mimic your natural eyelashes

  • Each eyelash extension is individually applied to a single eyelash, resulting in a luxurious natural appearance

  • Latex-free medical grade adhesive and synthetic vegan lashes. 

  • Trained by Xtreme, the global leader in eyelash extensions. Xtreme eyelash extensions are not traditional, false, eyelashes, eyelash flairs, or implants

  • Eyelash extensions are never applied directly to your skin or eyelid 

  • You will have amazing eyelashes with routine touchups / fills every two to four weeks

What to expect the day of lash application and after care:

  • Please arrive with no eye make-up on 

  • Wear comfortable clothing you will be lying on a massage table your entire visit

  • Prepare to relax many of my clients fall asleep nappy time is encouraged

  • Once you have your new set of lashes do not use any oil or products/make-up which contain oil.

  • You can purchase oil free make-up remover pads from a drug store or BB&B

  • Be gentle with your lashes do not tug or pull on them

  • I recommend wearing a Bucky eye mask which can be purchased on line or BB&B

  • Use only a lash spooly to brush your lashes

  • You will fall in love your new lashes enjoy!

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